Anat Soudry Architect
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East Hampton House


East Hampton, New York

This charming vacation home in East Hampton is set in a stunning location, surrounded by majestic, mature forests.

After owning the house for many years, the homeowners wanted a full renovation to create light, open spaces that would complement its setting and maximize the views from each aspect of the home.

For the first stage of the project, we stripped the interior walls of their dark wood paneling, allowing the light entering the rooms to guide us in positioning the new interior spacings to capture natural light sources.

Next, we opened the living room to improve the flow and expand usable floor space. This allowed us to move walls and extend the kitchen so that it flowed directly into the rear deck. Converting the garage to a screened in porch gave the homeowners additional outdoor living and dining space.

To incorporate natural light still further, we fitted new skylights, and added a large, south-facing picture window, allowing for a spectacular view of the surroundings.

Photography by Senkowski.