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Kasia Atkinson

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Kasia Atkinson

Interior Architect


Kasia Atkinson has been collaborating with Anat Soudry since 2012 and together they have created outstanding residential homes and developments. 

Born in Poland, Kasia is well travelled having lived and worked in both Europe and the US. After gaining her RIBA-accredited Masters of Science in Architecture with Highest Honors from Krakow University of Technology, Kasia moved to the US to work for Gruzen Samton where a she applied architectural training to visualizing and creating amazing spaces on large scale interior design projects.

Returning to Europe for three years, Kasia worked on many private residences and boutique galleries with Alto Studio, which has a unique approach in placing emphasis on intricate detailing of a design. For Kasia, the smallest detail sometimes becomes critical for the project and makes the difference between it being good, and simply breath-taking.

Now back in the US, Kasia has joined Anat and now applying her interior architecture skills to transforming homes in NYC and NJ.


What influences your design choices?

I would say that growing up in Poland has a major impact on my creativity. As a country, we are accustomed to small living in quarters, however my parents had the enviable ability to create, build and design the space in a way that every inch of it was utilized and yet, it didn’t feel cluttered or crammed.

What is the driver behind your passion for architecture?

The beauty of Krakow. Its wide paved streets, striking buildings and the layers of monumental and magnificent history impacting the urban layout of the city, have shaped my thinking and passion for buildings.

What styles are you drawn to the most?

I am passionate about eclectic style and a beauty of well-crafted modern spaces coexisting next to old buildings. That can also be reflected in renovations projects where old building becomes background for new technology and new finishes, furniture, appliances, etc. – and vice versa… where the new architecture becomes home for old antiques and pieces of history and art.

What will people be surprised to know about you?

People will perhaps be surprised to know that I speak few languages: Polish, English, Italian, French, Russian and even studied German for a moment. This definitely helps in the multicultural architectural field of New York, and especially when it comes to communicating with contractors and their crew.