Anat Soudry Architect

Lefferts Gardens Townhouse


Brooklyn, New York

Lefferts Gardens is known for its well-preserved late 19th- and early 20th-century architecture, a low-rise mix that includes Romanesque Revival, neo-Georgian and neo-Tudor styles.

In 1979, Lefferts Gardens was designated a historic district by the Landmarks Preservation Commission, identifying it as a special neighborhood in New York City. The status serves to safeguard the architecture and historic heritage of the area, which is why we began this project to transform a long-neglected townhouse into two luxury rental units by taking the exterior façade backs to its original architectural style and removing any out-of-period ornate features which had been added over the years.  

We then selected and fitted new window frames, befitting of the original period of the house, all in accordance with the Landmark Preservation’s guidelines.

Our renovation was respectful of original interior features which had stood the test of time and remained in the home, and once again we worked very closely with the Landmark Preservation Commission in sourcing the appropriate permits and permissions for the building work.

Among the features we salvaged and restored were stunning original wood floors, doors and mouldings. For those we were unable to save, we worked carefully to match and replicate the originals with new wood for mouldings, stairways and windows frames. 

For the stairway in particular, the walls were cladded with handwoven maps of the world by designer Lori Weitzner.