Anat Soudry Architect

Montclair House


Montclair, New Jersey

This historic home, known as ‘The Edison House’, was built in 1912 entirely from concrete using a single pour, an original construction method unique for that period, from a patent by Thomas Edison.

Several additions had been placed inside and outside the house over time and we wanted to strip the building down to its original features. Therefore, we carried out research with the Thomas Edison Foundation to source pictures of the house when it was first built. This allowed us to plan the restoration of the exterior facades and color schemes. It was extremely important to regain the integrity of the building and restore its industrial beauty. 

Extensive and meticulous interior work was undertaken and the palette of colors and materials were selected to reflect the period of the home.

New hardwood flooring was laid in the ground floor, complimented by a remodeled kitchen. Steam radiators were carefully removed so as not to damage any of the concrete and replaced with a high-efficiency hydronic heating system.

This was an intricate restoration project to ensure that the period features were brought back to life in a contemporary context. 

Photography by Jeffrey Totaro.